Our mission

Netpublica's mission is to build new Internet products to enhance e-commerce integration and develop customers brands. We believe that devotion to customer satisfaction, great ideas, people and hard work are the ingredients to build the next wave of e-commerce innovation. Our growing team of engineers, designers and creatives are dedicated to continually invent, launch and improve great products. Below are the launched or acquired products by our teams in the US and in Europe.

Netpublica - DNS

Starting in 2009, Netpublica launched the first online domain name registry system that grants Real Estate businesses to register .RE domain names, making www.domain.RE as official member of .RE. Registry. Easy Registry solutions will be available in 2017.


Netpublica - Emerging Markets

Started in 2015 to build new Internet products on emerging markets and revolutionize e-commerce integration by offering easy tools. New website launched : www.SiteShop.ph. Will be followed soon by: www.Weby.ph and www.Shoppy.ph.